Data Recovery

Lost your data?

We can help you retrieve it! 

It’s a fact of life that things eventually break down and die, but when it’s a hard drive with important things on it, and you haven’t backed up those family photos or that client brief that’s due next Monday, you’re in some hot water. But don’t worry, our fully trained technicians can attempt to create a forensic bit-perfect copy of the drive and recover what we can.

Even if our technicians can’t recover your information in-store, there are other options – our business partner Reboot Data Recovery have extensive knowledge in this field and have an outstanding track record. With an ISO 5/Class 100 clean room and more facilities than you can shake a stick at, rest assured that if we can’t get you your data, they can.

From data recovery to a broken screen and everything in between, Tech House and Reboot Data Recovery have you covered.